Dear Tangueros!

We cordially invite you to IV edition of CRACOW TANGO MARATHON 2018!

During five days (including pre and after marathon milongas), from 14.09 to 17.09.2018, in the heart of Krakow will enjoy the Argentine Tango - meetings with friends and strangers connected by common passion.

Come and enjoy the end of summer in your favorite rhythm of Argentine tango, in the unforgettable atmosphere of the royal city.

Registration is closed. We kindly invite you for forth edition of CRACOW TANGO MARATHON 14-17 IX 2018!


Hotel Galaxy ****

Gęsia 22 A Street 31-535 Krakow, Poland

The Cracow Tango Marathon will be held at the Hotel Galaxy **** in Krakow, in a beautiful room Gemini with parquet floors with an area of 350 m2 (room with air conditioning + a separate room to rest 68m2). The hotel is in close proximity to the Old Town and the Old Kazimierz district.

Pub Zaraz Wracam Tu

ul. Miodowa 51 Kraków

Milongi: Pre-marathon milonga, After-marathon milonga and The day after milonga (regular Milonga "Loca" in Krakow organized by Roman) will be held at Pub Zaraz Wracam Tu, in Kazimierz district.



For those interested – you can take advantage of the offerings of the restaurant Andromeda, located on the ground floor.

If you do not want to take advantage of the suggested hotel restaurant, you can pop in for some food to the restaurants on a New Kazimierz square (approx. 15 min. Walk from the hotel), from the typical gratins or potato pancakes. The entire district of Kazimierz is full of pubs and restaurants – that should satisfy your desires.
Next to the hotel Galaxy **** is a large shopping gallery Kazimierz, where you can also eat - starting from pizza/fast food to sushi.


We kindly invite you for forth edition of CRACOW TANGO MARATHON 14-17 IX 2018!

Registration for fourth edition of CRACOW TANGO MARATHON will start 17th of May at 8:00 P.M!

This year we hosted Tangueros from:

Music & DJs

  • Giuseppe Clemente – Italy

    Tango DJ Giuseppe loves all Tango music, from the beginning to the present; as DJ, he prefers the "Golden years" of Tango but carefully follows the atmosphere and the situation of the dance floor and, if the atmosphere of the Milonga so requires, does not mind some excursions into Guardia Vieja…. so, no rules!! In the recent years he was a regular DJ at nearly all of the Milongas in Rome. He is the resident DJ at La Milonga del Barrio. Giuseppe was invited to DJ at the following Special Evenings and Festivals: Buenos Aires (Confiteria Ideal, Salon Canning - Porteño y Bailarin, Practica 10, La Baldosa, Zona Tango, Unitango Independencia) Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Beirut, Cracow, Creta, Cyprus, Dubai, Dublin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Lillehammer, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, San Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Italy: Bari, Catania, Cosenza, Latina, Naples, Perugia, Rome, Sorrento, and more.

    FB :
  • Anthony Cronin – Ireland

    From Dublin, Ireland. Anthony has been a tango DJ since 2007. He was a DJ long before he discovered tango, DJ-ing in nightclubs and radio in his student days of his native city of Cork. Now he DJs milongas, marathons and tango festivals at home and abroad. With a long list of countries already under his belt from Anthony is well known on the marathon circuit as a dancer and DJ.
    Anthony says: "My style of DJing is to always read the floor, the dancers and keep them dancing and smiling. I play primarily from the 1930’s & 40’s with gentle dives into the wonderful Guarda Vieja of late 20’s and odd trips into the 50’s. As a dancer first, I know that once I trust the DJ to be consistent my night is better and this is what I seek to give all dancers, comfort that the music will be danceable and flow tanda to tanda.” This is why I spend many hours researching tango and also ensuring only the best quality transfers possible are played to fill the room with beautiful music. Each time I try to gently tell a story and keep the dynamics changing across the night so everyone gets carried along. I want to live life to the full and laugh and that is what I try to give the dancers. I also have a tazer to help reluctant dancers from out of their chairs but thankfully never have had to use it so far, will Cracow be the first?”

    Read Anthony’s DJ page where he discusses the stories behind many well know tango recordings as well as listing his upcoming events.
  • Luis Cono – Chile/ Sweden

    Hi Friends of Tango! I am Luis and I dance milonguero-tango for more than 10 years. I organize tango events and play as a dj for about 6 years. I have been playing in differents places like Denmark, Polonia, Lituania, Belaruz, Chile and Sweden. I like to work a lot with traditional tango and my inspiration as a dj is the improvisation in the milongas and with a lot of energy in the cortinas. I invite you to listen!!

    Hola Amigos del Tango!! Soy Luis y bailo tango-milonguero hace más de 10 años, trabajo como organizador y como dj hace 6 años. He pasado la música en diferentes lugares como por ejemplo, Dinamarca, Polonia,Lituania, Latvia, Bielorusia, Chile y Suecia. Soy un activo tango dj. que trabaja el tango tradicional. Mi inspiración como dj es improvisar totalmente en la milonga con mucha energía en las cortinas. Te invito a escucharme!!

  • Dimitar Dimitrov – Bulgaria

    Presents himself:
    My name is Dimitar Dimitrov and the music is a part of my life. After thirteen years work at the State Opera Burgas and my long standing contact with the classical music, I decided to familiarize myself with the classical compositions in the Argentine Tango. At first I discovered the music, then the dance came. I like the styles of the Old Bands and the styles from the Golden Age of the Argentine Tango. I combine these styles with the compositions from the later periods. I think they all have their place at the milongas. The thing that inspires me are the dancing people.
    My work experience as a TJ are Tango Marathons in Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas, I play regularly as DJ during milongas in Burgas.

  • Jörg Haubner - Germany

    I'm a perfectionist for the best sound I can get (sources and equipment).

    A good flow between rhythmical and lyrical is very important for me.
    Dancers always can trust in the same mood / soft transition inside of tandas.

    Most played orchestras: D'Arienzo, Canaro, Biagi, Tanturi, Troilo, Lomuto, O.T.V., Láurenz, Garcia, Fresedo, De Caro, Firpo (Orquesta), Di Sarli, Demare, Pugliese, Rodríguez, Petrucelli, Buzón, Federico, Gobbi, D'Agostino, Carabelli, Malerba, Caló.

  • Adriana Herrera - Spain - Gran Canaria

    My great passion for TANGO seduced me into becoming a DJ and the wonderful new challenge that each milonga brings. I love to play tandas from the rich decade of the 1940s, shifting between the big orchestras and between rythmic and melodic songs, while trying to keep the emotions of the evening on an even keel while letting the dance floor breathe between cortinas.

  • Damián Desmarás - Argentina / Spain

    I’ve been organizing and playing music at milongas in Tenerife since 2007. I love to keep the energy of a milonga high by choosing from a wide breadth of orchestras, mainly from the 40s and 50s. I always want to show respect to the dancers and the dance floor and always try to remember that milongas are supposed to be a party where people come in search of amusement.


The idea of making the marathon was born from the passion shared by four friends, who got know each other on the dance floor.

In a single word - Tango y nada mas.

Magda, Renata, Arnold i  Roman

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